About Salixsys Project Management

Salixsys is a project management system created as part of my final year dissertation project. It is available in a live form at Salixsys Aberystwyth. It was created to be a free and open source alternative to the integrated project management systems such as JIRA. I took inspiration from JIRA, the collaborative systems like Huddle and FogBugz and the bug tracking systems like BugZilla and Trac.

I felt that these projects were too complex and I wanted to build a project management system that would appeal to students. It needed to be simple, easy to use and would help them learn project management skills along the way.

About Salixsys Web Design

In my spare time I also dabble a little in web design. Not super fancy stuff with lots of scripting. Just good, old (or new) HTML and CSS. Maybe a little PHP etc. But nothing too much. It's my personal belief that more places need websites, cafes, pubs, freelancers and self-employed people. Do they need something fancy that's full of code? Not really. They need a landing page that tells you about them, what they do and how to get in touch. This is the service I would like to provide. To see some of my works (in progress) go to my Projects site.