I graduated from Aberystwyth University in 2010 with a degree in Computer Science. I currently work at LinuxIT as a Systems Engineer. I've been working there since February 2012. Computer Science wasn't my initial plan but I seem to have the knack of it.

In my spare time I read (a lot), watch movies, certain TV shows, some photography, some art, tweet, blog a fair bit on all of the previously stated hobbies.

In an effort to improve my general health and fitness I work out at least once a week and also do Shorinji Kempo which is a martial art similar to Karate or Judo. In February 2012 I undertook the Whole30 detox diet where you cut out all the bad stuff, all of it, for 30 days and only eat whole and healthy foods. You can see my regular blog posts on it on my blog.